Produt & Solution for Explosive Atmosphere

TNAP Range
TNAP Range

Ex-tech solution delivers a variety of turn-key solutions with enclosures made in Acid Resistant AISI 316L Stainless Steel complete with purge control apparatus, testing and certification.

The process start with analyzing the specific customer requirements, propose the solution and realize the complete system .This includes details such as environment conditions, material strength, physical dimensions, electrical requirements, etc. The final solution will be in accordance with the actual Ex standards and directives. Ex-tech solution will manage the final test and will create all the necessary documents, provide the user manual and will Issuing the EC Declaration of Conformity (EC D.O.C.).

The TNAP range of Ex p pressurized systems are designed and built according to each client’s requirements
The equipment allows the use of standard (non-Ex) electrical components in zone 1 and 2.