Produt & Solution for Explosive Atmosphere

IIB AC1WD & ERSA – Cast Aluminium
IIB AC1WD & ERSA –  Cast Aluminium

The robust Flameproof motor starters Group IIB in aluminum AC1WD & ERSA range are designed for very difficult environnement. These 3-poles explosion-proof motor starters with thermal overload relay are ideal for many applications. It is available in three versions:
• with thermal overload relay, without contactor and no fuse
• with thermal overload relay and fuses, without contactor
• with thermal overload relay, contactor and fuses
A wide range of enclosures combined with a wide range of thermal overload relays, contactors, with or without fuses, allows customisation of the motor starters for different applications.
Any individual solution available on request.