Produt & Solution for Explosive Atmosphere

SB 125-1 in stainless steel
SB 125-1 in stainless steel

SB125-1 in stainless steel. This combined product is certified for use in  Atex explosive atmosphere, zone 1 & 2 for gas and zone 21 & 22 for dust. It is dedicated for Oil & Gas, chemical, petrochemical, pharmacy industries, marine and Offshore applications. It’s designed for corrosive environnements and hazardous area. This sounder, according to user control system, can be set with one tone among 63 prerecorded tones. The beacon can be delivered with two different light sources:
LED with steady, rotary, fixed or blinking led of different powers. Flashing with XENON tube of different powers. Four flashing frequencies are selectable.