Produt & Solution for Explosive Atmosphere

SB 125-2/3/4j, stainless steel
SB 125-2/3/4j, stainless steel

This set is designed for corrosive environments and dedicated for all industries including marine and Offshore applications. The set is provided with a sounder that can provide from 3 to 6 tones plus a combination of 4 products max. The beacons are available in two lighting technology options, each with four selectable flashing frequencies: • LED with steady, rotary, fixed or blinking LED of different powers • Flashing with xenon tube of different powers. The beacons can be triggered either joint or independent.
The housing in stainless steel AISI 316L & coated with a UV resistant paint.
Optionally: control of the beacon and the sounder via a telephone. One beacon can be replaced by a push button or a junction box.
Accessories to customize the products are available.